Summary of progress


I have just re-read your status report and appreciate it very much. The
report makes it clear how far we have progressed, and which issues remain
to be resolved. One aspect that could be corrected: SCOPE needs to be
added to both TH and TD, since TD elements can act as row headers. This
should not be a problem, since if I recall correctly, TH and TD share the
same element and attribute definitions in the DTD.

Also, your discussion of searching for map areas within OBJECT is
ambiguous. The basic functionality requirement is that (1) if SHAPES is
specified, a visual user agent (with graphics enabled) will search for
anchors with COORDS attributes, specified in the content of OBJECT, which
will define the areas of the image map. In all other circumstances, visual
user agents (with graphics enabled) should ignore the content of object.
(2) Non-visual user agents, (or visual user agents with graphics disabled)
always render the content of OBJECT.

Note that these rules are implicit in the September draft, and may have
been clarified in the October draft, which I have not had time to read.

I regret having to disagree with you in respect of the table issues.



Received on Tuesday, 14 October 1997 00:27:20 UTC