revised baseline

Daniel and I talked just now (ca. 10: -- 11: EDT).

We made some changes in the "disposition recommended by the chair"
part of the HC committee status:
	- elevate the high-end (original) proposal to preferred
	for the "too many OPTIONs in a SELECT"
	(G2 from Raggett is that HTML group is amenable)

	- remove the request to defer AXIS, AXES 
	(only Al understands his heartburn with this, not
	consensus; non-critical item)

You can see this in context in

We talked a little bit about how to strike a balance between
presenting the Interest Group with a proposed language change (a
draft position) and presenting them with an issue or a question.
Whe have draft proposals in all our areas with the above
decisions.  But we also agreed to seek guidance from the Interest
Group concerning what is most important, and what functional
capability is critical so that we can make technical adjustments
later in discussions with the HTML group without breaking the
benefit of the change.

-- Al

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