Re: SELECT structures with lots of OPTIONs

to follow up on what Daniel Dardailler said:

> > It is important enough for the disabled users so that we as the
> > HC tiger team should not quietly take it off the table.  But we
> > need to substantiate the importance through discussing the issue
> > with the IG.  
> I agree that both options can be presented in our recommendation for
> IG review but we nevertheless needs to designate one as the default is
> nobody reacts.

If nobody in the Interest Group responds, this item is dead as a WAI
proposal.  I can see reasons why it could be good for the blind, and
reasons why it could be bad.  Without a positive response, I don't think
that we should ask HTML to change, here, in the name of the WAI.

What blind users use heavily in Lynx are:

	Tabbing through the clickables (anchors and form fields).
	Moving to things by string-matching

	Numberwise navigation among the clickables plus top/bottom.

Through the efforts of various volunteers but particularly one
low-vision programmer, these have been extended with good effect
to navigation among OPTIONs within SELECT lists.

It is not clear that folding the list wouldn't just confuse things.

I don't know.  We have to go to the Interest Group with out ears
open on this one.

Received on Saturday, 11 October 1997 10:53:21 UTC