Re: Desc and Alt

There is no need to define any default browser behaviour for the rendering
of LONGDESC, other than in very general terms. The details should be left
to the discretion of the user and the software developer. The essential
point is that the HTML document to which the attribute refers will be
presented at the point in the principal document where the image would
otherwise appear, either automatically or at the request of the user. The
presence of LONGDESC will be indicated appropriately by the user agent,
for example by means of an audio cue, a special marker in the text (like
the D-link) etc.

For GUI browsers, the presence of LONGDESC should be exposed to external
applications such as braille and audio output software. I agree with Al
that GUI browsers should also indicate LONGDESC visually if graphics have
been turned off. However, being mindful of Dave Raggett's warnings, DOM
exposure should be taken as a minimal requirement; inclusion as an option
in the visual interface is an extra demand that can be made, though we
know in advance that it is likely to be rejected.

Received on Friday, 10 October 1997 20:13:32 UTC