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Telecon with Scott Luebking 10 October 97

He is at Berkeley.

He wrote a browser and got to observe blind people using it.  It
had both absolute and relative motion commands to move around
from cell to cell within a table.  It had a variable level of
header regurgitation with cell contents.  The users seemed to get
the hang of the tables with this.

The header regurgitation was based on header data propagated to
the browser's runtime data structures for the cell.  It was all
there all the time with variable levels of what got shown or
hidden.  This at least requires that one knows which headers go
with which cells.

His idea for how to clearly indicate this header/row association
is to have attributes in the TABLE declaration (root) itself
saying which rows contain column heads and which columns contain
row heads.

-- Al Gilman

Received on Saturday, 11 October 1997 11:11:38 UTC