Re: operational concept for table browsing

1.  scope: please also consider a more capable attribute such as
a list of rectangles in cell coordinate space.  Your expense
table has a rectangular scope of one data description
cells B2 and up -- never a whole column or row, and an area not
just a linear bundle.  But writing up draft language would help.
HC members are all supposed to have member access, but I am not
sure how many there are that haven't got their passwords yet.  

2.  Talk: yes, I think you and I should and I will have to try to
remember that we are not deciding things, but connecting vocabularies.
Can you give me a time window and telephone number for a little
later today?

3.  Examples: if we can find live examples already on the Web
that would be good.  I think that the issue is how much of the
demographic pie of "what people want to use tables for" is
covered by one idea cluster or another.  As Greg Lowney
suggested, we may want to recognize a range of different
ideologies of tables.  I hope people throughout the list will try
to nominate example tables for analysis and markup in accordance
with various language revision suggestions.

-- Al

Received on Thursday, 9 October 1997 09:23:35 UTC