Re: operational concept for table browsing

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Al Gilman wrote:

> 1.  scope: please also consider a more capable attribute such as
> a list of rectangles in cell coordinate space.  Your expense
> table has a rectangular scope of one data description
> cells B2 and up -- never a whole column or row, and an area not
> just a linear bundle.  But writing up draft language would help.
> HC members are all supposed to have member access, but I am not
> sure how many there are that haven't got their passwords yet.  

Rectangular and non-rectangular areas can be dealt with
using the axes attribute on the cells in question to
specify the headers that describe them. The proposed scope
attribute is a simplification. I am worried that an approach
based on row and column numbers will be brittle and subject
to problems as tables are modified.

You are right about sharing vocab etc. I think that Daniel D. 
expects us (WAI-HC) to come to a consensus on the changes required
to HTML 4.0 which can then be formally used to justfify these
changes to the HTML-WG. 

If we find we want to use more than a few examples, I suggest
we consider writing a separate NOTE describing best practice
for creating accessible tables.


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