RE: WCAG 2.2 status update

Hi Wilco,

Are these concerns things that were not included in the previous survey answers? I.e. new things, based on the changes made to deal with the previous survey comments.

Having been through multiple rounds and approved them (based on the comments in the surveys), I’m reluctant to go through another round en-masse.

We will work on refining the associated documents (understanding & techniques), which we could survey is there is anything controversial.



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Hey Alastair,
I have a few outstanding concerns with the approved SCs. I think another survey round would be appropriate, since they have all been updated since they were last surveyed.


On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM Alastair Campbell <<>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

This is hopefully the final status update for the WCAG 2.2 as pre-approved drafts, after this we’ll be dealing with CFCs and github comments.

We have two which appear to be pretty much ready but we need approval, up on Tuesday:

  *   Touch target spacing: We updated that in the meeting on Wednesday, but the Mobile TF suggested some updates:

  *   Visual Indicators (to progress): Has been updated, re-review needed:<>

We have a few which are approved from an SC point of view, pending updates to the understanding/technique documents:

  *   Hidden controls: Approved (in meeting) SC:

New technique to approve.
  *   Find help: Approved (in meeting) the SC:

Needs a fleshed out technique.
  *   Fixed Reference Points: Approved (in meeting) the SC:

Has an updated technique.
  *   Error correction (Processes): Approved (in meeting) the SC:

Needs a fleshed out technique.
Please do review the above and comment in the documents if you have editorial suggestions.
We are creating pull requests prior to CFC for:

  *   Information in steps
Note – we approved a definition for “steps” that will be applied to this SC as well.
  *   Dragging
SCs that hit problems:

  *   Icon Description: Was reviewed on the 7th Jan:

There does not seem to be a good way of achieving this on touch-screen devices, in a way that doesn’t make the interaction worse in some circumstances.
  *   Visible labels & Orientation: were thought to be possible to cover with understanding/technique updates.
  *   Custom interactions: It is really difficult to define what a ‘custom interaction’ actually is. A lot of the problematic ones are ‘standard interactions’ (e.g. swipe gesture) but with an unexpected result. This is deferred, more research needed.

SCs approved:

  *   Accessible authentication: CFCed and ready to merge:

  *   Focus visible (enhanced): Part of FPWD.
Kind regards,

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