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On 17/01/2018 17:48, Abma, J.D. (Jake) wrote:
> After some research it's clear that Microsoft also has 48X48 now (7/9 
> mm) and the 26/34 is pretty old for MS phones/apps in from 2010...
> But they also changed a lot and so pick a number (23, 26, 34, 40, 48 and 
> maybe more) and you're save... :-)
> So what research at which time by whom is the question as but for sure 
> the 26/34 is not what they use now (or maybe somewhere...)

Also worth pointing out (as already pointed out on various occasions in 
the past) that whether you look at Microsoft, Google, or Apple, guidance 
on target sizes is advisory - usually couched in terms like "in 
general", "should", "avoid", and so on - and that these companies 
themselves sometimes break their own guidance when deemed appropriate (a 
classic example with Apple, for instance, would be the minuscule "Back" 
control in the phone's top bar when you, say, follow a link in an email 
and it opens Safari). Meaning these are more subtle than hard pass/fail 
values set in stone, and more of good practice / UX guidance.

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