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It means the former, not the latter, in your reply below.  I don’t think it’s a run-on sentence, but perhaps confusing conjunctions.  Are others confused?

This was not meant to cover tabbed interfaces.  That is covered by the change to the initial sentence of the SC.


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> unless the additional content communicates an input error<> or does not obscure or replace other content;

This makes my head spin a bit...

Do you mean " ...does not obscure, or does not replace ..."
"... does not obscure, or *does* replace ..."

I think you mean the latter because that is what a tabbed interface does.

If so then I think it would have to say something like:

...unless the additional content:
- communicates an input error<> or
- it replaces other content (rather than obscures it); or
- it does not obscure other content

So these would be sub bullets which is not ideal, but better than a run on sentence that oscillates between "does" and "does not"

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On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 1:45 AM, Repsher, Stephen J <<>> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I’ve attempted to resolve all open issues and discussion regarding Content on Hover or Focus, and I’m proposing the following changes to the SC:

1.       Revision to Hoverable condition to use more plain language (issues #695 and #711)

2.       Revised initial sentence to scope to additional content which also disappears on hover or focus.  This is needed to scope out content that may appear on focus such as in a tab list, drop down box, etc. (issue #650)

3.       Adds an exception to the Dismissable condition when the additional content doesn't obscure or replace anything.  This addresses comments on mailing list regarding things like help content inserted inline when an input field has focus.

Please review the changes here:

Comment here or on the pull request at


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