Re: Support as an SC prefix?

Jonathan wrote:

> John, what I think Laura is saying is that the author could choose to build in a widget as a way to meet it rather than supporting it say through responsive design.  So either approach could be used.

It might be worth a discussion on that in the LVTF, I thought the intent was to make sure users could linearize the page rather than add a button.

I’m not sure we got to the ‘what happens if you can’t do that’, but I had assumed it would be the default: provide an alternative conforming version.

With my (rusty) web-dev hat on, I’m not sure it would be practically possible to have a button on the page that linearises it when enabling the user to do so wouldn’t be possible. The things you would do for one would work for the other. You would be in the territory of providing an alternative, such as a separate mobile-optimised version.



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