Re: Support as an SC prefix?

James wrote:

> I have always read the WCAG2 “Mechanism is available” to mean that you must ensure that either the user agent the user can do it - or if that can’t be guaranteed (i.e. the user could be using a user agent which does not support it) then the content must provide that support itself.

Indeed, so I think these new SCs are different, they are asking the author to do (or avoid) certain things so that the user-agent side can work. So:

-       “Mechanism is available” means one or the other, the user-agent supports it (accessibility supported) or you provide something.

-       “Support X” means enable the user-agent to work properly.

> Pretty much every browser now supports muting an individual tab. Can we essentially assume this is now a pass a a browser supports this so it is now the user agent’s issue rather than the content’s problem?

Just on that case (not the broader point), is there a keyboard method of muting a tab? I can’t find one for Chrome, only right-click on the tab seem to bring that up.

So the broader point would be that I’m not convinced the user-agent aspect is accessibility supported for 1.4.2, so probably not, yet.



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