Support as an SC prefix?

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There is an interesting point raised on github for the SCs which are aimed at authors enabling something without (necessarily) adding on-screen widgets:

“Maybe the use of the "Support" prefix would be a useful standard to set for the SC titles if an on-screen widget is not required, so that in this case it would be "Support Reflow to Single Column", just as we have "Support Personalization".
This would also suggest a rename of 1.4.13 to "Support Printing", for example.”

It would be an alternative to the “mechanism is available” language, hopefully leading people away from assuming there would be on-screen widgets.

If that were taking on, I think it would lead to:

·         Support linearization (Or ‘Support reflow to single column’)

·         Support printing (Or ‘Support adaptations when printing’ might be more accurate.)

·         Support adapting text

·         Support extra symbols.

And possibly others from COGA that didn’t make it to the FPWD.

So two questions:

1.       Do you think this approach is helpful? And if so,

2.       Is “support” the right prefix?

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Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2017 13:20:27 UTC