Re: CFC: Publish WCAG 2.1 FPWD

Contrast (minimum) currently only appplies to text and images of text, so 
at the moment it does not apply.
There are also textual cues and headings indicating when each criterion 
begins and ends.
Best practice, yes, it should get bumped up.

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From:   Mike Elledge <>
To:     Andrew Kirkpatrick <>, WCAG <>
Date:   2017-02-22 05:55 AM
Subject:        Re: CFC: Publish WCAG 2.1 FPWD

+1. Any concerns that the orange square for proposed SC does not meet 
contrast requirements?


On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:18 AM, "Makoto UEKI - Infoaxia, Inc." 
<> wrote:

+1 to publish


2017-02-22 3:26 GMT+09:00 Andrew Kirkpatrick <>:
> Call For Consensus — ends Thursday February 23th at 1:30pm Boston time.
> The Working Group discussed the latest editor’s draft of WCAG 2.1
> ( and
> basedon a survey (
> and a Working Group call (
> where the majority of comments were
> resolved and no blocking issues remained.
> On the call people believed that we had reached a consensus position 
> the Working Group should publish the Editor's Draft as the First Publish
> Working Draft (FPWD). This will allow the group to meet its charter
> deadline. The Working Group included several SC that do not have Working
> Group consensus, but the Working Group did have consensus that 
> was valuable in order to get additional feedback from the public, and 
> were included in the draft to point out aspects that do not have 
> at this time.
> If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have 
> been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you “not 
> able to live with” this decision, please let the group know before the 
> deadline.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Kirkpatrick
> Group Product Manager, Standards and Accessibility
> Adobe

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