Suggested wording for SCs that do not meet all the requirements

On Josh's suggestion here's a new thread.

Friendly amendment to Mark's suggestion

<h2>Incomplete Candidate Success Criteria</h2>

<p>The following are success criteria proposals by the task forces that
have been identified to address important accessibility barriers on the
web. However, they have not yet met one or more of the <a href=">requirements for a
success criteria. </a> We are seeking feedback on the proposals to
determine whether or how they can meet the all the requirements, such as
being testable, implementable, apply to all content, and apply across all
technologies (or how to manage exceptions).  In addition, review from the
perspective of internationalization for proposals dealing with language and
symbology is requested.

We still have to decide how we will review the 25 SCs to give the group
confidence that the ones identified for this text, actually don't meet all
the requirements.  Although I'm confident of my assessment in my spreadsheet,
it is cursory and I would like other eyes on it.  Can the chairs propose
tomorrow that a Task Force of 4-5 WCAG veterans review the proposals for
their completeness, which can be added later this week?

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