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+1 Credibility is the key. With all its faults, WCAG 2.0 has very high credibility. We can't afford for WCAG 2.1 to lose that!

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Individually, many of us are very engaged in cutting edge research, creating inventions and dreaming of ways we can make the web more inclusive.

As a group, my understanding is that our role has been to survey all the techniques and tools that are out there, and throw our collective weight behind solutions that are implementable by *web authors* and also to inform them of *how not to interfere* with existing tools.

Once in a while we can push the envelope a little beyond those things, but I don't think we can stray too far beyond that role without loosing credibility.

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I think we are what we choose to be. DO most of us want to be a vetting committee?

I would rather we are improving accessibility and enabling more inclusion.
[Jason] I would argue that there’s no inherent contradiction between the two descriptions and that most of us subscribe to both.


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