RE: leaving SC out of the draft - this is an issue that must get consensus

I had put a proposal that we add to the survey the following choice:  "include with the following to -do actions"

to-do actions can include:
rework to make more testable or
rework to ensure backward compatibility 
rework to adjust the scope

It is common to have in a first working draft to-do items, and this enables us to both identify they have a  problem and include them for review by the community. 
We could also have a section "the following have not been though our full viewing process". That way we will not have things to not be included at all.

Note that every success criteria proposed by a task force has already been though at least one vetting process, if not more. The example Andrew gave of a ridiculous  success criteria will not happen.  

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    As this is will affect the Working Group internal process, we do want to understand what the WG members feel we should do. Please let us know!
 [Jason] +1 to the proposed process. If the group decides to include a proposal that is considered almost ready but which nevertheless has issues on which comment is sought, these concerns should be raised in Notes for Reviewers as discussed in an earlier thread.
 My essential point is that I think proposals should undergo a period of review and refinement (with a serious attempt to address objections and achieve consensus) before being considered for integration into a working draft.
 As I recall from the development of WCAG 2.0, decisions on what to include in a public draft and whether to note issues on which comment was requested were taken carefully by the working group at a meeting.
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