RE: leaving SC out of the draft - this is an issue that must get consensus

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Andrew said on the call today that  SC that do not meet all the acceptance criteria left out of this draft . This is an issue that must get consensus. It should not be a decision the chairs and staff contact make by themselves.
[Jason] I’m comfortable with omitting from this first draft anything that has not reached the stage of development at which circulating it for external review is appropriate. I expect proposals to be added to and deleted from drafts as the WCAG 2.1 effort proceeds, just as occurred with WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 when they were under development.
I think it would be highly undesirable to expect everyone to bring their proposals to the point at which external review is desirable in time for releasing a first public working draft. Let’s simply avoid that kind of pressure. I know participants in this group are working hard as it is.
I am also concerned that giving public reviewers a large number of proposals of varying quality to respond to could (1) create negative impressions of the work over-all, and (2) overwhelm reviewers with issues without obtaining focused comments on proposals that the working group considers ready for wider circulation and comment.
Consider this a statement in favor of a more focused first public working draft to which additional proposals can be added as the work progresses.


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