RE: Language to attach to SCs that are not mature yet for FPWD.

Thanks, David. It’s all editorial at this point, except for one belated substantive idea: instead of “suggestions from the public”, write “suggestions from reviewers”. The note should probably be headed “Note to reviewers”, which I vaguely recall was the terminology used when WCAG 2.0 was in draft.

It’s all editorial knit-picking below.

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- In it's current form, the proposal may not address a situation where a user with a disability will be disproportionately disadvantaged (as compared to a user without a disability) if the criterion is not met? Suggestions from the public on how to improve it are welcome.
[Jason] s/it’s/its/

- In its current form, the proposal does not describe
 the ​specific passing condition required to meet the criteria
​. ​It provides a "method" which is more of a technique than an SC.
Suggestions from the public on how to improve it are welcome.
[Jason] s/criteria/criterion/

- In its current form, the proposal is creating a requirement for something that is already required by an existing Success Criterion. [See SC XXXX] . Suggestions from the public on how better to address the overlapping requirements or a change that would clarify how it differs from the existing SC are welcome.

[Jason] That’s significantly improved – thanks.


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