Re: new coga SC #31 ready to be submitted

Does 'cue'  need to be defined?
Does a  search button next to an unlabelled search textbox count as a
cue in the context of this proposed  SC?
Or only examples like:
- The visual styling that  indicates  which tab is selected or  whick
link in the left nav is  currently selected or which columnheader  is
used for the current sort in a data table
- Error indication: red border around failed fields on some pages and
an error icon next   to others on  pages in the same collection
- Marking up and styling submit / cancel elements for a form as
buttons on some pages and links on others
- Using a trashcan icon for Delete action and an 'X'  for the same
action on a different page

Even an h1 at start of main content on some pages and an h2 on others
or using multiple h1 on some pages in a set makes it difficult to
understand content organization. Does this count as a cue?
Should 'cue' be substituted with 'presentation' ?

The Benefits note, 'Providing consistent cues is a cornerstone of good
UX design' and admit 'providing consistent cues is of benefit to all
users'. Will this strengthen the  case for an accessibility related SC
 or be countered with 'it will be covered in UI design for usability'?

Thanks and regards,
Sailesh Panchang
Principal Accessibility Consultant
Deque Systems Inc
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Received on Thursday, 2 February 2017 19:33:47 UTC