Re: New Wiki page with SC text proposals to combine issues 79, 78, and 74

Hi Gregg, Alastair, and all,

>> Spacing: Changing the line-height of all text to .8 to 1.3 and spacing
>> around elements containing text to   - .01em to 0.5EM does not cause loss
>> of content or functionality.
>> NB: Line height it best dealt with as unit-less [1]. Also, I know I’m
>> going to get some comments such as “why don’t you recommend pixels for
>> this?”, because I always do recommend pixels. The answer is that EMs are
>> relative to the text they enclose, even though they are calculated to
>> pixels. If we can’t say EM because it is too technology-specific, perhaps
>> spacing of “½ the font-size of the text” could be used?
> GV2: Em is a technology agnostic way  —  and avoids the pixel problem with
> scaled screens today (and tomorrow).   So agree with this.
> you didn;t talk about spacing of word and characters etc?

In the CSS !important spacing user stylesheet test [1] per Wayne's
advice I used:

line-height: 1.36
letter-spacing: 0.03em
word-spacing: 0.07em

For consideration I have inserted those metrics into proposal 19.

Kindest Regards,


Laura L. Carlson

Received on Thursday, 26 January 2017 13:36:26 UTC