rewording issue 13 - minimize user errors

To make it a stand alone success criteria I am proposing changing the text of issue 13 as follows:

"Minimize user errors:  The unit and meaning ambiguous input data fields  are clarified. Input error are automatic correction where the correction can be reliably made. "

Changes in the description:
The examples would be changed/added for the data collect date information as 3 discrete pieces of information, Date, Month and Year" - or more abstractly, "Ensure all fields in a compound data-set is individually visibly labelled" 
We also need to clarify that this does NOT include auto spelling correct  - unless it is for names that are of a limited data set (so you can auto correct the state spelling inside the US but not a personal name which can not be done reliably)
Note this is based on off list comments from JF :)

If there are no objections I will do the pull request tomorow 

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Received on Wednesday, 25 January 2017 19:14:50 UTC