Re: New Wiki page with SC text proposals to combine issues 79, 78, and 74

Hi David,

> Perhaps get a list from the LVTF of "dumb things authors do"  to mess up their attempts to modify to page presentation...

Sort of, but I think it needs a little more structure.

I sent this yesterday, although I don’t see it in the list email, maybe it went astray:

What I propose is that we come to agreement on the SC based on the requirement (for content), and then we flesh out the techniques. Wayne and I have a plan for that, and help to do it (though more is of course welcome).

The plan is that we start testing sites with the various user-agent tools, primarily the bookmarklets created specifically for this.

For each issue we hit whilst adapting content, we try to work around it and establish we have done everything a tool can do to make it work.  The things that are left should become techniques the author needs to do to enable adaptation.

Techniques are TBC, but I'm guessing things like:
- Use SVG/images/content for icons, not weird font-families.
- Use min-height rather than a fixed height on elements containing text so that text can wrap.
- Don't rely on background images to convey information.

There are quite a few already in WCAG 2.0 which might become sufficient techniques / failures attached to this SC.

Between here and the final draft, we should have a good range of techniques, and maybe even some failures? ;-)



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