Re: Mechanism Disclaimer

> ​What does that have to do with font-icons?​

Well, if the site relies font-icons for buttons, e.g. print, play, or the “burger” menu; and the user over-rides the font, the icons can disappear.

I’m over-generalising a bit, from a some testing it seems rare. For example, the icons from the default Wordpress theme on my site are ok. There are plenty of ‘good’ ways to do icons, but Wayne and others have reported there are some ‘bad’ ways to do it as well.

As I’ve said, there is plenty of work to do in defining these techniques & possible failures before we get to a final 2.1, but the first step is to get the SC text approved for FPWD, otherwise there’s no point putting in that work.

NB: I’m comfortable if those SCs are marked ‘at risk’, and final approval is based on having approved techniques.



Received on Friday, 20 January 2017 15:55:26 UTC