Re: Font Family failure

On 14/01/2017 20:58, Wayne Dick wrote:
> The ability to address font family, color and spacing is as essential to
> web use with low vision as text alternatives are to people who are blind.
> Why is it worth asking authors to make alt text and it is not important
> to ask authors to supply semantic markup so that assistive technologies
> can use to identify points of need for visual assistance.

Because requiring semantic markup has nothing to do with adding 
role="presentation" to elements that are defined as being semantically 
neutral anyway.

> The example i gave is bad inaccessible code. it can be made accessible.
> Marking elements that are used purely for presentation only was
> important enough that the ARIA group made it a parameter. it not
> excessive to ask authors to use where it is needed?

role="presentation" is used to REMOVE semantic meaning from elements 
that otherwise have built-in meaning. For instance, if you use a table 
for layout (for whatever reason, instead of using CSS), then you can add 
role="presentation" to neutralise the table semantics so that AT won't 
announce rows/columns/etc.

<span> and <div> are already by definition semantically neutral, so why 
are you expecting authors to add superfluous attributes to their markup?

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