Re: Font Family failure

On 14/01/2017 20:58, Wayne Dick wrote:
> Why is it worth asking authors to make alt text and it is not important
> to ask authors to supply semantic markup so that assistive technologies
> can use to identify points of need for visual assistance.

Also, this is already required in WCAG 2.0 through 1.3.1 (and arguably 
others such as 4.1.2). If authors use semantic markup as per WCAG 2.0, 
then the correct structures will already be in the's just 
that your custom CSS styles (or JavaScript, or whatever else you have in 
mind here) need to be clever enough to deal with them correctly (which 
in the case of your example custom CSS means: make sure you write your 
selectors correctly to catch real-world markup patterns).

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