Re: Testability of Animation from interactions Issue 18

> On Jan 10, 2017, at 6:46 PM, Patrick H. Lauke <> wrote:
> I'm failing to see why the "33% of any 10 degree visual field on the
> screen" has the issues (1 and 2) you noted, but the existing ".006 steradians within any 10 degree visual field on the screen (25% of any 10 degree visual field on the screen) " from WCAG 2.0's current definition for general flash and red flash thresholds doesn't?
> Does "visual field on the screen" not, in essence, mean the full size of the screen/viewport? And if not, isn't the general flash/red flash definition not also fundamentally flawed as it can't take into account physical screen size / viewing distance / etc, regardless of the existence of a "tool"?

Hi Patrick

I said that it DID have the same problems — and worse.    
But there was a tool that did the measurement automatically — so no one had to figure out the bits.

And I suggested you might look at that approach here too.   And gave other advice that related to the flash work.   Read my comments again.  Maybe I didnt write them clearly enough. 


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