Re: Testability of Animation from interactions Issue 18

Regarding significant animation: please remember that it is aimed at things like parallax ("triggered by a user action"), so we are defining a *lower* limit so we can ignore quick animations, not an upper one like the current animation SC.

Nat explained that he uses a 'long blink' to cope with auto-scrolls and similar whole-page movement that he isn't controlling, so the 1 second came from there. His follow up [1] indicates a longer time might be ok, but we are lacking wider scale research.

Parallax (in most cases) lasts as long as you scroll it, there is no pre-set time for it, but you can't avoid it either.

Regarding 500px, that's far easier than the general flash and red flash thresholds text, but I'm not sure it is there yet.

500px on a page, assuming you mean total pixels, is about 22px x 23px, around the size of an "M" in a heading. That might be significant on a tiny screen, but on most things we can allow for much more!

When reviewing the examples with Nat, whole-screen motion is the biggest issue, tiny animations are not an issue, so we came to about 1/3 of the screen being the point where it can trigger an issue for him.

Working up from the smallest practical screens, say 320x480px (153,600px) 1/3 of that would be ~50,000px, or 224px square.

So I'd either go with 224px squared, or 1/3 of the viewport (which would be larger in most cases).




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