Re: WCAG meeting January 3rd, 2016

For a minor editorial errata, we could decide that it is an error in WCAG 2.0, get it added to the errata, and then fix it in 2.1.

If you think that this is important, I’d suggest taking a look at what was done with it in the WCAG2ICT document and then the group can review the proposed errata identification.


Andrew Kirkpatrick
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On the call today I asserted that rewriting the SC had to be in scope for 2.1 even if only because there are some editorial clarifications we would want to implement.  The only example I could find just now is <del>2.1.2</del> <ins>keyboard-operation-trapping</ins> where we use “page” and not “Web page”.

Mostly the specification consistently uses “Web page” and not just “page”, except for when the term is repeated in the same sentence or paragraph (and just using “page” helps with readability).  SC 2.1.2 does not follow this general rule.

I submitted this example for posterity using the online comment form<>.

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The WCAG WG will be meeting on Tuesday, 3rd January 2016 at 11AM Eastern US (Length: up to 90 minutes).

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NOTE: Please review the minutes and let us know if there are any issues relating to the above items that you want to bring up/discuss on the call. Issues/concerns can also be discussed on list.

  1.  Issue 77 review:

  2.  Issue 9 review:

  3.  Discussion/Update from SC managers on issue progress.
  4.  Charter update.
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