Re: Long list of sites that use personalization to meet wcag


            Hi Alastair With the additional semantics symbol browsers would work for all conformant content( might be helpful here)And of course sites can have their own personalization mechanisms, these would be similar to what I sent bellow. That is why the current wording gives both optionsAll the bestLisa SeemanLinkedIn, Twitter---- On Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:32:58 +0300  Alastair Campbell<> wrote ----        > the personalisation aspect comes with a chicken & egg problem.   Sorry, I shouldn’t rely on jargon!    I mean that both ends (the user and the website) need to have implemented it in order for personalisation to work, and neither has motivation to implement it until the other has.   I think in how it is phrased at the moment means that applying the right meta-data is a pass. However, if the user then activates the customisation the site would fall apart if the developers  haven’t also developed the layout to adapt to the icons and changing options.     That is where the real effort comes in: creating and testing the various layout connotations.    That is why I’m interested in examples of added icons and layout changes on real websites.    -Alastair          


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