RE: Long list of sites that use personalization to meet wcag

It’s also important to characterize what one means by “personalization” in connection with Web accessibility generally, and WCAG proposals specifically. What has become more prominent in the last decade, and what I, at least, refer to as “personalization”, involves invoking information about the individual needs or preferences of a user to customize a user interface (whether at the operating system level, in application software, in the user agent, or in Web content). In this sense, personalization entails obtaining a representation of needs or preferences, then acting on it appropriately to influence the user interface that is ultimately delivered.

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Note that most of these (all that I checked but I didn’t check them all) seem to be using a 3rd party product bolted on top of the site. They are almost certainly doing this as a way to fix their accessibility problems rather than as an attempt to personalize the site.
(Note – I am not making any judgement on whether this is a good thing to do or not – just stating a fact)

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I sent this list to the coga TF but it might be more useful here.

People think that personalization is a new technology in the accessibility space. It has been successfully used for years. In Israel lots of big sites use it as the preferred way to meet accessibility requirements. There are three companies with competing technologies that I know who do it based on metadata and aria type semantics.

I put together some examples for you in telecom, banking, health care, commerce , airlines, government  etc (If this is not enough I could spend some more time and double the list.

FYI - The word for  accessibility in hebrew is נגישות  so if there is no icon do a search for that word to open personlization settings for accessibility or tab though the page. (If the site did a good job it should be the first or second focus point) . Also please do not point out if any of the sites have outstanding accessibility bugs. Like many large sites they often have a road map of what they are adressing first.

example:<><><><><><> dev<> testing<><><><><><><> dev<> dev<><><><><><><>

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