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On 26/05/2017 15:53, Repsher, Stephen J wrote:
> Josh,
> ØSteve Repsher said:
>>> The little testing it has undergone has turned up several issues, namely focus highlights and >overlap, Which have the potential to end up creating significant inaccessibility.  However, if the
>>> technique is to use a 44 pixel line, then I’ll support it.
>> Thanks for the suggestion. In terms of your request for clarification but I see that Kathy did reply.
> To add some context to the sentence you quoted me on, I was talking 
> specifically about the CSS padding and negative margin technique that 
> had been proposed to handle links within blocks of text.  Yes, Kathy 
> replied that this would no longer be used for the AA version, but my 
> objection is for the AAA version.  What technique do we plan to document 
> to make 44 pixel targets within blocks of text?
> I find it hard to believe I’m the only one not concerned about this, but 
> perhaps I’m missing where on list or on GitHub the issues with this 
> technique were thoroughly discussed and resolved.  Yes, it’s AAA, but 
> it’s still an SC that needs accessible techniques.

The hardline answer would be: you want AAA? Avoid having touch targets 
that are too small.

If you have content where there are lots of links in inline content 
which may potentially overlap, this may require you to either create 
some alternative (like a separate list of all links, as a conformant 
additional alternative), or to rethink how you present your content, or...

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