issue #60 target size: addressing unstyled native controls

As to covering native unstyled controls (John Foliot's point in the AG telco on 16. May) we might contemplate adding another exception:

Unstyled: The target is an unstyled native control

This first sounds like a big loophole, but then, nearly all modern sites DO apply CSS of some kind to navigation links, buttons etc. - so for authors of those, the exception would not work. Legacy content would be covered. The exception would also apply to sites that use unstyled radio controls, checkboxes and selects, but in my view, this somewhat hobbled SC would still bring benefits for for the many elements (as in site navigation) that usually ARE styled.

Most importantly, it puts target size on the map as a new criterion, so many authors will try to implement it instead of looking for loopholes in the exceptions. This is better than no requirement (or an AAA requirement that will usually be ignored).



Received on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 13:01:24 UTC