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I really don't see any prospect of that the word lists that you produce will achieve the level of universal acceptance that would be necessary for them to be adopted as the lists to which all websites must conform to meet WCAG 2.1.

Some proposed European ICT terminology work will be trying to get acceptance for some default terms for common ICT functionality (in a subset of European languages), but this will only produce guidance. Any company that fails to fully adopt the terminology will not be penalized in the same that they would if they failed to meet WCAG 2.1.

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I actually offered to do a few pages if the group agree that they are interested in this direction

for a topic like web standards I would need to make a word list (one list is needed for a whole industry so it is not too bad)

However, if we do agree to go in this direction, I will be happy to create word lists for ten verticals to start with (health, banking, technology, education...) and clear instructions on how to do it.

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please redo the pages I cited in previous post (including ours) to show what you mean and demonstrate that it is possible

it is easy to assert these things - but not to do them.


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I think each issue can be worked out in the plain language, for example the wording seas "or or word, phrases or abbreviations that are the most-common form to refer to the concept in a public word frequency list for the identified context.." in other word , you can iether use the most commen `1500 words in a core vocabulary (easy to find out), or  the most-common form to refer to the concept

It should be  possible to express a concept in a by using the most common form to refer to it. Do you disagree?

The option of using coga semantics means that it does not restrict your style, even on a label.

We also have an exception for special cases but we can also add an exception for names including the names of   product, deliverable, services  and trademarks

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we have at working draft semantics for personlization like coga-action and coga-easylang that would alow people to conform to the plain language proposal via personlization ( see )

I understood from this group that they do not want to rely on this for conformance, however with the plain language sc as written you can either change the text or use the personlization semantics.  In other words the free speach is not an issue
[Jason] It remains an issue if you can’t express what you want to express at all within the restricted vocabulary. I don’t think the concern regarding free speech was so much about changing the default version of the content as it was a more fundamental point about not being able to (1) comply with a controlled/restricted vocabulary and (2) express what one wants to – even if the restrictions only operate with respect to labels, instructions, etc. Whether the “plain language” text is presented by default, embedded in metadata or provided as a link to a separate resource doesn’t address this issue.

Those who expressed the concerns will doubtless correct me if I’m misinterpreting their point here.


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