Re: Understanding content now set up in WCAG 2.1 repository

On 2017-05-08 4:41 PM, Laura Carlson wrote:
> Hi Micheal,
> Thank you for the instructions. I put some links at the top of the
> Adapting Text SC [1] for ease of use:
> - [Understanding doc for
> editing](
> | [Understanding doc in
> master](
> But I am now  wondering if the editing link will update the master? Do
> I need a different link for viewing what I edit?
Like with the SC, the editing link will not update the master branch, it 
will just update that working branch. And like with the SC, the editing 
link needs to replace "master" in the example URIs you provided with the 
name of the working branch for that SC. In the case of adapting text, 
that's "adapting-text_ISSUE-74-78-79". This allows development and 
review in a space isolated from work on the other SC. When the WG 
approves what's in that branch, then we merge it into master (and hence 
into the next Working Draft).

> Thanks again.
> Kindest Regards,
> Laura
> [1]
> On 5/5/17, Michael Cooper <> wrote:
>> One clearly missing thing from WCAG 2.1 has been the Understanding
>> content for proposed Success Criteria, to help our own and public review
>> as well as eventually to support implementation. I've added support for
>> this to the repository now and added basic documentation to the readme
>> file
>> In short, there is a new folder "understanding", with a subfolder "21",
>> and a file there for each success criterion proposal. The files
>> currently have a template to get you started in filling in the content.
>> SC managers will need to populate these files; in most cases starter
>> content was provided with the issue proposals and you can refine as
>> discussion progresses from there. Work on these in the same issue branch
>> you're using for the SC itself.
>> The guidelines page now has automatic links to the Understanding
>> document for each success criterion. The styling on that needs work but
>> you can see it in the four SC that are currently in the draft:
>>    *
>>    *
>>    *
>>    *
>> For those four SC, I filled out the Understanding pages with the content
>> from the template so you can see how it looks all put together. Refer to
>> those examples if need as you put content in the other files. Let the
>> chairs or me know if you need help populating these files for your SC -
>> but Understanding has a lot of content, so please help us spread the
>> load if you can.
>> I have not included Understanding content from WCAG 2.0 in this, we will
>> sort that out later when we decide whether or which WCAG 2.0 SC might be
>> changed etc. I have also not set up Techniques yet - there are more
>> complexities to that so I wanted to get people started on Understanding
>> first.
>> Michael

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