Github greasemonkey script

I just saw a post from Léonie where she referenced the following greasemonkey scripts from nvaccess

The GitHub script does the following:

• Makes various headings accessible as headings, including:
    • Comment headers in issues, pull requests and commits
    • Commit group headers in commit listings
    • The commit title for single commits
    • The header for each changed file in pull requests and commits

• Ensures that various data tables aren't treated as layout tables, including:
    • The file content when viewing a single file
    • File listings
    • Diff content
    • Tables in Markdown content

• When there are lines of code which can be commented on (e.g. a pull request or commit), puts the comment buttons after (rather than before) the code.
• Makes the state of checkable menu items accessible; e.g. in the watch and labels pop-ups.
• Marks "Add your reaction" buttons as having a pop-up, focuses the first reaction when the add button is pressed and makes the labels of the reaction buttons less verbose.

Hopefully this can help - or can be built upon.


Received on Wednesday, 3 May 2017 15:10:22 UTC