Re: Is Java Web Start covered by WCAG?

> The WCAG definition is clear that a "web page is delivered over HTTP" WCAG applies to web pages.

Well, most connections are now over httpS, and behind the scenes that is becoming http2, so it doesn't work from that point of view.

I'm less certain of this but i believe that a lot of video is delivered by UDP or RTSP, have you checked to see if a particular video is covered by WCAG based on the protocol it uses?

> If we want to widen it for future versions that is another matter... but as far as clarity, the definition of web page is very clear in the standard. It says exactly what the working group  intended it to say.

And there are plenty of people who can't work out what that means anymore..


Received on Friday, 28 April 2017 17:30:25 UTC