Re: Technolog Agnostic / Independent

On 11/04/2017 01:37, Wayne Dick wrote:
> The main thing I am reacting to is the claim in many responses that
> feature x is not available on mobile hence authors should not be
> required to encode in a way that enables accessibility support for x.
> This recurs in many external responses. I though we might want to
> discuss this before coming up with an answer. This has appeared in
> Resize Content and adaptive content.
> The public appears that technology independence has this least common
> platform aspect.

Sure, and my main point is that unless "x" is something specifically to 
do with viewport size/layout/relationship of font or element sizes to 
viewport dimensions, we should not be using the size of the viewport as 
a proxy for "this must be a mobile device, hence its user agent 
will/won't support x".

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