Re: Separate WCAG doc for non-SC guidelines

Mike wrote:

> In Europe we have already created a guidelines document related to COGA and ISO are also heading towards their own guidance standard for COGA.

I have to agree with Mike, and what John F & Judy have said: that another doc next to WCAG 2.1 would help alleviate the near-impossible issues with reconciling the user-requirements and criteria-requirements.

Coming from an external dev/designer point of view, the relevant snippet from my suggestion was:


I suggest we continue refining criteria in the WCAG 2.x approach, but rather than water-down criteria to the point they don't meet the user-need (or move them to AAA), I think it would be better to mark them as WCAG 2.1+ (or something, I'm not set on a term, just trying to convey the concept).

The criteria for "plus" would be specifically aimed at organisations which:

-      Have a general public audience (e.g. Governments and companies catering to the general public), avoiding the specialist content issues.

-      Have sufficient scale to do the sort of user-research / analytics required to know what the critical tasks/features are for their user-base.

It should allow criteria to be more "squishy", saying things like "where appropriate", "based on usability testing". etc. An SC could be A+, AA+, or perhaps we just move it to the side of the A-AAA system so it is just “plus”?

I think it also needs to be outside (or in some way separated) from 'conformance' as WCAG 2.0 defines it, because in order to test an SC in the plus category, you need to be part of the UX process. These are process checks rather than “just” content checks.

That's my preferred approach for getting out of the usability/accessibility conundrum pre-Silver.





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