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>> you're trying to crowbar a dependency on 1.4.3 into 1.4.1.
> Not really. I'm just referencing what is there. Actually it looks to me
> like a fresh SC for colour luminosity of UI components may be needed.
> This may be something that the LVTF is looking at but I don't know OTTOMH.

Why create a new SC? IMO it would be much better to instead just extend 
the language of current 1.4.3 to cover more than just "text and images 
of text" instead?

Something like "The visual presentation of text, images of text, and the 
different states of interface elements has a contrast ratio of at least 
4.5:1, except for the following: (Level AA)"

And perhaps include an extra note about being able to distinguish 
BETWEEN different states of an interface element too (but not sure if 
this would mean that there needs to be a 4.5:1 ratio between, say, 
selected and unselected buttons for instance?)

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