1.1.1 fixes

In the survey on 1.1  Andi pointed out two problems with 1.1.1



The "How to meet 1.1.1" document is not explicit about transcripts for
pre-recorded audio content. It is only mentioned in "Additional
information". You could interpret the technique "Providing a long
description in another location with a link to it that is immediately
adjacent to the non-text content" to cover transcripts but the technique
does not use that as an example. 

Also 1.1.1 contains some language that sounds contradictory "If a short
description can not serve the same purpose and present the same
information", the first technique that must be used is "Providing short text
alternatives for non-text content that serve the same purpose and present
the same information". 

For the first one -  an example was added to the named technique as
suggested to make this clear. '

EXAMPLE 4:  Transcript of an audio-only file 

There is a recording of a speech by Martin Luther King. Immediately adjacent
to the audio file is a link to a transcript of the file. 


For the second - a new general technique was added to replace the one cited
to eliminate the contradiction'

atives_that_provides_a_brief_description_of_the_non-text_content>  short
text alternatives that provides a brief description of the non-text content



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