Preview - Candidate Recommendation considerations


These are some links & notes to accompany our first agenda item today, 
which is a quick preview & orientation to some of the candidate 
recommendation planning.


- Judy

 From the W3C Process Document:

7. W3C Technical Report Development Process

7.1.2. Maturity Levels of the Recommendation Track

7.4 Advancing a Technical Report to a Recommendation

7.4.3. Call for Implementations

7.4.4. Call for Review of a Proposed Recommendation

Candidate Recommendation (CR) Planning:

- development of exit criteria; considerations in terms of diversity of 
sites; white box/black box, etc

- development of plan for obtaining implementations to fulfill exit criteria

- selection of teams/sites with which to coordinate

- timing of implementation gathering -- overlap as much as possible w/ 
upcoming Last Call

- implementation teleconference(s)/virtual workshop(s)

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