Re: About tests 37-41 (headers)

Jim Thatcher wrote:
> I don't know what Ben's Navigation bar example is, but I suspect it is
> related to what I want to say. I believe that any restriction on allowed
> order of heading tags is wrong and based on an old fashioned (linear) view
> of a web page as a paper document. But web pages have many levels (areas) of
> structure, Navigation bars, left or right navigation or advertising areas or
> link areas, and, say, main content area(s). Different visually styled "area
> headings" and "section headings" will/should appear in any and all of these
> (perhaps in each area well structured). When you put these major sections
> together, there is no requirement and no predicting how the last heading in
> one area relates to the first in another area.

But does it make sense to have an h2 followed by an h5 _within_ one of 
these "areas"?

> With CSS positioning the
> areas can be in any order.

They can _appear_ (visually) in any order. But there is still a linear 
order when reading the document linearly.

Johannes Koch
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