iframes technique for script based web applications

Hi Folks

I thought this was an inserting problem and thought I would bounce it off 
the folks hear. It could make an interesting techniques for AJAX and script 
based web applications.

We were trying to reengineer an web application to make it more useable for 
people with disabilities. It is new of these applications were part of the 
screen controls other parts of the screen such as the results section.

We managed to get the application working accessorily but it was not very 
usable as when you finish with the controls you then need find the results 
in a rather long screen. The best solution we had was with using Iframes 
with access keys. One Iframe has the controls with instructions and the 
other Iframe has the results section. When scripts are not working then 
server side link refreshes the section, and there are access keys by each 
iframe (and  instructions) so people can easy jump to the dynamic results 
when they are finished with the controls.

So far in testing it is working nicely, and I did not see anything in WCAG 
1.0 or 2.0 that suggested a problem with this method.  Is there any problems 
with it that we missed?

All the best


Received on Tuesday, 14 February 2006 09:51:55 UTC