Re: BIG ISSUE -- re Delivery Units

Isnít Authored Unit very close in meaning to the working definition for Web Unit?

Authored Unit:  Some set of material created as a single entity by an author.  Examples include a collection of markup, a style sheet, and a media resource, such as an image or audio clip.

> So we need to find a way to fix them or delete 8 or so of our core 
> success criterion.   All of the ones that have delivery unit in them.

Or consider the re-worded versions I submitted that avoid the term entirely for those SC.  :-)

IMHO the biggest problem with Delivery Unit is that it is awkward and unfamiliar.  That DU turns out to be technically incorrect is just gravy.  Authored Unit and Web Unit are just as unnatural.  There is so much experience with Web content, Web pages, and Web documents it seems preposterous that we can't just carefully use terms that lay people are comfortable with.

Received on Sunday, 12 February 2006 21:52:17 UTC