RE: BIG ISSUE -- re Delivery Units - Better term?

Hi Johannes,

Yes - A delivery unit is a resource.
And a primary resource is a delivery unit. 

But non-primary resources are also delivery units.  So we can't use delivery
unit in our provisions.    (or they become impossible to conform to.  Unless
we want to redefine the term - which we can't do). 

Hence the problem. 


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Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
>>>And I thought that you are looking for a "thing" that I would 
>>>describe as
> "a Delivery Unit which contains a primary resource and at least one 
> additional resource".
> Actually - it would be a primary resource and zero or more resources.

A Delivery Unit _is_ "a primary resource and zero or more resources".

> The
> key is to have a term that refers only to primary resources.

This is a _Resource_.

> Is there another, existing term for:
> primary resource and zero or more resources intended to be rendered 
> with it

That is a Delivery Unit.

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