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      From: Carlos A Velasco
      < As a first remark, IMHO this WG shall run away from  reinventing the
wheel. I think that 
      <> and the HTTP specification shall
cover the needs of WCAG.            
      < If something is not clear from the DI stuff, then let us ask them,
as Johannes did in the past. 

You might find the W3C central glossary useful. [1] 

Although I'm pointing you to a resource, I didn't find it particularly
helpful in locating a definition for 'content author' or 'content provider'.
I received nothing for content author and content provider gave me a laugh -
"A server that originates content in response to a request."

If anyone can point me to such a resource that isn't specific to a
particular initiative or working group, I'd be very grateful.

I think the W3C needs a wikipedia type glossary to create a universal
database of definitions. I see a lot valuable time being used (sometimes
wasted) on debating definitions. 


Hope this helps

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