RE: Session timeouts not part of 2.2.1?

At 19:36 12/01/2006, Michael Cooper wrote:
3) I think I understand what is meant by the technique about server-side
redirect. (...)
However, the <meta> element is defined in the
HTML spec <> to
provide a "virtual" HTTP header. The "header" that the HTML technique to
create refreshing pages uses is called the "Refresh" header, but
unfortunately I just discovered that this header is not defined in the
HTTP specification <> and as far
as I can tell, never was. Nevertheless, I tried putting that HTTP header
into a Web server on my local machine, and sure enough, recent versions
of Firefox and IE both respected the header and refreshed the page just
as if I had defined it in HTML with a <meta> element.

Given that this is not defined in the spec, I have no idea if it's a
common enough situation for us to write techniques against. But since
the browsers support it, I have to imagine the developers anticipated it
being used. So possibly we'd want to create "HTTP" techniques about this
for the guide doc.

Based on Michael's message, I've added the "Failure due to using 
server-side techniques to automatically redirect pages after a timeout" 
(with examples for Java Servlets and ASP):
We may decide to link to it from another success criterion later, but at 
least it is documented now.


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