Example for SC 3.2.2

At the December 22, 2005 teleconference I took an action item to create an 
additional example for success criterion 3.2.2 [1]. 

Example:  A form is provided for creating calendar entries in a web based 
calendaring and scheduling application.  Along with the standard fields 
for subject, time and location, there is a set of radio buttons to select 
the type of calendar entry to create.  The calendar entry type can be 
meeting, appointment or reminder.  If the user selects the radio for 
meeting, additional fields are displayed on the page for entering the 
meeting participants.  If the user then selects, reminder, the fields for 
entering participants are hidden since they are not needed to create a 
reminder entry.   Hiding and showing certain portions of the delivery unit 
is not a complete change on context since the intent of the form, to 
create a calendar entry, does not change.  As long as the fields which get 
hidden or displayed are fully accessible to all users, this type of 
behavior would comply with success criterion 3.2.2. 

Issue #1661[2] can be closed is this example is accepted. 

[1] Becky to create example in How to Meet Document for 3.2.2 that 
explains that hiding and showing content as the result of an input field 
change is NOT a complete change of context (Calendaring and scheduling 
example) [recorded in 
[2] http://trace.wisc.edu/bugzilla_wcag/show_bug.cgi?id=1661

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