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Agenda: 23 June Telecon

From: John M Slatin <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:21:19 -0500
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We will again be starting one hour earlier than usual.
Meeting Information
1900 UTC 0500 Eastern Australia 1500  North American Eastern 1200
Pacific 1900 Central Europe
Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 Passcode 9224#
IRC server: irc.w3.org port : 6665 channel : #wai-wcag

Goal of meeting: 
Review proposals from Brussels meeting and approve publication of Public
Working Draft on 30 June

Prior to the call:
1.	Please review the 16 June Editor's Draft at
This draft includes more than 50 changes agreed upon by participants in
the Brussels meeting through noon on Thursday, 16 June. Changes include
new guideline text, new wording for success criteria, deletion of some
success criteria, and changes in levels to which success criteria are
assigned.  New definitions for important terms such as text alternative,
non-text content, and others are also included. This draft does not
include proposed wording for several guidelines which were discussed on
Thursday afternoon, after several participants had had to leave; those
proposals are available in the survey  listed below. 
a.	Please send your comments about the Editor's Draft to the list
*before* the call. These comments will help us focus discussion during
the call. They will also help us craft Editorial Notes describing
unresolved issues for inclusion in the draft. Editorial Notes frame the
issues and encourage more targeted feedback from reviewers.

Please complete the survey for the remaining proposals from the Brussels
meeting.  The survey is available at
2.	The survey focuses on specific success criteria within the
following guidelines:

a.	GL 1.2
b.	GL 2.3
c.	GL 2.4
d.	GL 4.2
e.	Number of conformance levels
3.	The call will result in the text of the new Public Working Draft
that we will publish on June 30. The new public draft will also include
Editorial Notes describing issues for which the Working Group has not
yet achieved resolution. These Editorial Notes will inform the Web
community about possible directions we are considering, and request
comments and suggestions from reviewers.

1.	Agenda overview (5 minutes)
2.	Techniques Task Fore (5 minutes)
3.	Review results of surveys listed above (50 minutes):
a.	Accept or reject proposed wording
b.	Identify unresolved issues to be described in Editorial Notes
included in the new Public Working Draft
4.	Review of Editor's Draft (90 minutes)
a.	Accept or reject proposed wording for inclusion in Public
Working Draft
b.	Identify issues that should be described in Editorial Notes and
included in Public Working Draft
5.	Informative content: (30 minutes)
a.	Determine what informative content should be published in
support of new Public Working Draft
i.	Introduction (informative section of Guidelines doc)
ii.	Client-side Scripting Techniques
iii.	HTML and XHTML Techniques
iv.	CSS Techniques
v.	Checklist
vi.	Guide doc

"Good design is accessible design."

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Accessibility Institute
University of Texas at Austin 
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Austin, TX 78712 
ph 512-495-4288, fax 512-495-4524 
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